Video Resources for
Intended Parents & Surrogates

Information for Intended Parents

Overview of the surrogacy process from a legal perspective, and outline of topics discussed during an introductory call with us.

Information for Surrogates

For Surrogates: Points to consider when choosing a surrogacy lawyer / fertility lawyer, and the current law with respect to surrogacy.

Egg and Embryo Donation

Discussing the legal issues around egg and embryo donation, including why you should have an egg donation contract with your donor.

Establishing Parentage in Alberta

For Intended Parents: Discussing the process for establishing parentage for your baby born via surrogacy in Alberta.

Sperm Donation

Introduction to key topics related to sperm donation: sperm donation agreements, existing provincial laws, the method of conception, and the relationship and contact with your sperm donor.

Pour les Parents Intentionnels Francophones

Pour les Parents Intentionnels francophones: Sujets pour un appel d’introduction avec nous.

Pour les Femmes Porteuses francophones

Pour les Femmes Porteuses francophones: Comment nous pouvons vous aider.

Traditional Surrogacy

Traditional surrogacy is legal in Canada. We discuss the key issues to consider when choosing a traditional surrogacy.